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Personal Self-care

(May 2021 Theme)

Personal self-care is all about discovering your true ‘self’ and navigating life assertively and with a positive attitude, believing that you are capable of accomplishing your goals. And one of the main traits to possess is your sense of ‘self-esteem’ and that is the aspect of personal self-care we highlighted in our May 2021 box. 

The May box curation was filled with self-care goodies all sourced from women-owned businesses. The box also included a 12-page guide that had curated articles, affirmations and activity sheets to understand self-esteem better and how to improve it.

Environmental Self-care

(June 2021 Theme)

Our June 2021 box focused on Environmental Self-care that involves having an organized, clean, well-maintained and clutter-free environment around ourselves. And while feeling good about our personal environments, we also wanted to do good for Mother Earth through our curation. Hence, our spotlight was on sea life to show how our self-care habits impact nature and what we can do about it! 

The June box curation was filled with self-care goodies mostly sourced from women-owned businesses making eco-friendly, sustainable and reusable products. The box also included a self-care guide with curated articles, affirmations and checklists. 

Social Self-care

(July 2021 Theme)

One important aspect of self-care is maintaining social relationships with your family, friends and others. Socialization and having close connections with others is very important for your overall well-being. These relationships are important to build your support system and create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

That's why our July box curation was all about Social self-care that focuses on nurturing and deepening the connections with people in your life. The box also included a self-care guide with curated articles, affirmations and checklists. 

Emotional Self-care

(August 2021 Theme)

We live in a society that tends to value achievement over fulfillment and busyness over inner peace. And then, when we do slow down, we are judged for taking time to savor everyday moments and are often perceived as lazy or spoilt. As a result, our emotional self-care needs are not addressed, leaving us frustrated and burnt-out. We don’t feel JOY any more.

That’s why our August box brought attention to Emotional Self-care - one of the most important facets of your self-care practice. Imagine how your life might change if you made chasing joy your priority. The box also included a self-care guide with curated articles, affirmations and checklists on how to choose joy.

Intellectual Self-care

(September 2021 Theme)

“There is no loyal friend as loyal as a book”. – Ernest Hemingway

Worried about something and need to learn more about it? Read a book. Stressed in general and need an escape? Read a book. Need to shut out the world and focus on yourself? Read a book. Heaps of time to kill – at home, while travelling, in a waiting room? Read a book.

No matter where you are in your self-care journey, it’s possible to make space for a good book. That’s why we focused on Intellectual Self-care in our September box to highlight the benefits of reading on your overall well-being. 
The box also included a self-care guide with curated articles, affirmations and checklists on how to enjoy reading.

Financial Self-care

(October 2021 Theme)

Feeling stressed and anxious lately? How are your finances doing? Your financial health has a great deal of influence on your overall well-being. And the year-end is when it gets really tough!

Getting your finances ready for the end of the calendar year takes time, so it’s wise to start thinking about your financial to-do list now. Since most year-end planning opportunities have firm deadlines, acting now can help ensure you don’t leave money on the table. And also have enough to indulge during the holiday season!

In our October 2021 box, we focused on  Financial Self-care, with a spotlight on planning.

Professional Self-care

(November 2021 Theme)

Career growth refers to the big picture, the overall progress of someone's professional life — it's defined by the different roles and responsibilities you take on throughout your career journey. Learning how to grow in your career will inspire you to do and be more in your work, which will light you up and make your life come alive.

In our November 2021 curation, we focused on Professional Self-care, with a spotlight on growth.

Spiritual Self-care

(December 2021 Theme)

Spiritual self-care is a crucial component of self-care. It’s about furthering your connection to your inner self, the real you, who you are as an individual without any ego or pretense. With the winter season full of holidays that focus on ‘light’, there was no better time than now for us to deliver our spiritual self-care curation with a focus on ‘inner glow’, the light within you that can beat all darkness.  

Practical Self-care

(January 2022 Theme)

When we enter a new year, it is critical to make a fresh beginning in an organized manner. It's a good idea to start off by relaxing, rejuvenating and organizing yourself for a great beginning. Our January curation focused on Practical self-care, and included products to help with sleep routine, so that one can wake up fresh to tackle a new day in the new year, and also de-clutter and bring order into life.

Digital Self-care

(February 2022 Theme)

Physical Self-care

(March 2022 Theme)

Mental Self-care

Mental Self-care

(April 2022 Theme)